03. 02. 2023
According to the theory of anti-tumor immune surveillance, the immune system can neutralise most tumor cells before the disease ever develops. Despite this, nearly 90,000 cancer patients are diagnosed in the Czech Republic every year. ...
01. 02. 2023
The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS (IOCB) and Gilead Sciences announced today that the Gilead Sciences Research Centre (GSRC) at IOCB has been extended to address areas of high unmet medical need. ...
26. 01. 2023
Trilobite larvae played a vital role as a source of food for certain marine animals. Researchers discovered that the larvae served as an intermediary in the food chain for larger sea organisms that were unable to feed on plankton due to its size. ...
23. 01. 2023
Research results can unintentionally, often inadvertently, serve a purpose different to the one that gave rise to it. Below, David Honys from the Academy Council of the CAS explains what the influence operations of foreign powers in science can ...
12. 01. 2023
It’s called Blastocrithidia nonstop and it’s a parasite – unknown until now to the scientific community and very unique at the same time. Why is its discovery so extraordinary? ...
10. 01. 2023
While the modernisation of the countryside has given us clean farm buildings equipped with the latest technology that increases the competitiveness of livestock production, it also has its negative aspects. ...
06. 01. 2023
He has helped Czech researchers develop innovative methodological approaches as well as ecosystem experiments. For this and many other contributions to science, Austrian bioclimatologist and IPCC member Professor Christian Körner has received ...
02. 01. 2023
Greenhouse gases are an unwanted byproduct of industrial activity, resulting in global warming. But what if they could be effectively captured and actually utilised? ...



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