06. 10. 2022
The positive effects of breastfeeding and breast milk on the right growth, health, and development of babies are indisputable. What factors can affect the quality of this wholesome substance? And what is the optimal length of time to breastfeed? ...
03. 10. 2022
At the beginning of his scientific career, Prof. Patrik Španěl searched the depths of interstellar space for organic compounds. Later, he turned to terrestrial life. ...
27. 09. 2022
In August 2022, an amendment to the law on limiting the environmental impact of certain plastic products came into force. The amendment bans the use of single-use straws, cups, cutlery, cotton buds, and helium balloon holders. ...
15. 09. 2022
Greenhouse gases in soil, algebra, fish ecology, and modern history. Just a brief selection of the research areas pursued by some of the eleven newly awarded researchers. ...
29. 08. 2022
Energy supply can be considered the Achilles heel of the modern world, and it is increasingly the center of attention for experts, politicians, and the general public alike. Today, producing energy is not so much the issue. ...
23. 08. 2022
Starting today, those who visit the main building of the CAS will be able to experience the adventure of discovering and encountering faraway places and cultures at the Czechoslovakia in the Orient: The Orient in Czechoslovakia 1918–1938 ...
19. 08. 2022
This year, ornithologists have counted only 62 chicks in the nests of 26 pairs of the little owl. This is similar to last year, and even less than in 2020. ...
17. 08. 2022
Her father was a distinguished mathematician, she is following in his footsteps. Šárka Nečasová heads one of the most successful departments at the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) – at least in terms of the number of obtained Academic Awards ...



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