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21. 6. 2024

And I'll take my mom's hand, smile at her and say:
"We'll get through this, won't we, my dear mom!"

19. 6. 2024

The Terezín Initiative Institute was a co-organizer of one of the performances of the Opera Nova festival, organized by the National Theatre and the Prague State Opera.

19. 6. 2024

Anne Frank Youth Network

Your voice against discrimination, prejudice, and racism!

17. 6. 2024

"If you look away, if you don't help when you can, you become an accomplice" - these words of Mark Edelman resonated during the third EPNA (European Practitioners Network against Antisemitism) workshop, which took place from 10 to 12 June in Lodz, at the Mark Edelman Dialogue Centre.

17. 6. 2024

This year, the UK is chairing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), and as part of its chairmanship, the UK is supporting projects dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and education. One of the projects they are involved in is My Hometown.

To mark this year's IHRA Chairmanship, they are launching an initiative to engage schools from around the world in creating a series of outstanding educational projects to be presented at the IHRA Plenary in London in 2024.

The British Embassy in Prague has asked the Terezin Initiative Institute to invite you to participate.


12. 6. 2024

Today we celebrate Anne Frank’s life and legacy! 95 years ago, Anne was born in Frankfurt am Main. In 1942, she was given a red chequered book for her 13th birthday. In an addendum to her first entry, she wrote: “You have been a great support to me so far. Also Kitty, to whom I now write regularly. I find the way of writing a diary much nicer, and I almost can't wait for the hour when I have time to write in you. I am, oh, so glad I took you with me." She had already written this addendum in hiding in the Prinsengracht. She died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp aged just 15.

12. 6. 2024

Come and listen to a lecture "Human Fates in the Shadow of the Holocaust" with Radana Rutová and Hana Čadová from the Terezín Initiative Institute, who will explain the fate of Jews during and after the Second World War.