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18. 8. 2022

In the summer issue you will find the result of the competition for the reconstruction of the Terezín Ghetto Museum and several opinions of our readers, an invitation to the autumn Musica non grata programme, a report on Dagmar Pecková's concert in July, a visit of several memorials at Prague Castle, Eva Erbenová's new book, and the Eternal Hope programme for the autumn. The August issue concludes with a report on the award ceremony for pupils and students who won the Terezín Memorial competition and sad news of the death of one of our members.

20. 6. 2022

In the May issue you will find reports on the event for the 80th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Slovakia, the ICEJ march, Yom HaShoah in the Senate of the Czech Republic, the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague and in Terezín, as well as the public reading of the names of the victims of National Socialism. We also focus on the MA Theatre and the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Terezín Memorial. Furthermore, we deal with the Terezín Trial. Examples of literary and artistic works by pupils and a report on the spring event of the Festival of Eternal Hope conclude the issue.

10. 5. 2022

The March issue contains speeches delivered in the Senate of the Czech Republic on Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Prevention of Crimes Against Humanity, a report on the commemoration of the Terezín family camp in the Pinkas Synagogue, an interview with the director of the ITI and a report on the activities of the NFOH in the past year, a remembrance of the Kladno transports 80 years ago, a reminder of the publication issued by the Office for Documentation and Investigation of Crimes of Communism of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, and other articles, reports and essays.

3. 2. 2022

Anniversary of the beginning of the transports and the establishment of the Terezín ghetto with reports on the March of the Living from Bohušovice to Terezín. Last year's Eternal Hope music festival, the Musica non grata project, the events at the Terezín Memorial and the Jewish Museum in Prague, and the exhibition of the Terezínské iniciativy Institute in Kampa Park. Eva Erbenová recalls her childhood in Terezín. The issue also contains a review of the book My Mother from Terezín and an obituary of Colonel Jan Horal.

9. 12. 2021

The November issue brings a report from the Terezín Initiative Assembly, the Terezín commemoration and the visit of German President F. W. Steinmeier to Prague.  We commemorate the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the deportations of Jews from the Protectorate to the newly established Terezín ghetto and the many events that took place on this unfortunate anniversary. Last but not least, we print literary and artistic works by students on the theme: „When help is needed “.

1. 9. 2021

The august edition brings a report from Iva Bittová's concert in Prague, highlights of the play “A German Life” and of the biography about the Rocheks, as well as a report about the important commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the transports and the building of the Terezín ghetto. Furthermore in the edition includes a sequel of the memories of those who helped the Jews, a sequel and completion of Max M. Livni's memories and a sample of literary and artistic work by students on the topic “The War is Over, Can We Forget?”.

26. 7. 2021

You are invited to an international online conference for teachers "Facing Holocaust Today", which is held on 9th - 11th September 2021. The conference is held on the 80th anniversary of the Jewish codex (anti-jewish laws) in Slovakia.