Anne Frank Youth Network

Your voice against discrimination, prejudice and racism  

A global network of youth taking action  


Are you between 16 and 22 years old and do you want to make an impact both locally and globally? Do you want to raise awareness of the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism? Join the Anne Frank Youth Network. 

The Anne Frank Youth Network is a growing global network built on volunteering, which exists to actively engage and support you in the work you find important. Inspired by Anne Frank’s diary and her lifestory, all activities aim to raise awareness, increase active citizenship, foster dialogue and democratic values today. You will act as a peer educator; this is when youth teach other youth. Together you will make a positive contribution to society! 


We provide you with the tools necessary to take action and make a difference. 


AFYN to me is a place of great opportunities and inspiration and people who are passionate about their work. My motivation to be a part of it is feeling the need to share important information with others.  

Anička, Náchod  


What will I learn? 

Being a member of the Anne Frank Youth Network allows you to not only learn about history and its relevance for today, but to also, 

  • Learn new skills such as project managment and teamwork 
  • Challenge discrimination, racism and prejudice through activities and trainings 
  • Have an impact on your local community by creating and executing your own educational activities 
  • Arrange social media campaigns to create engagement among your peers 
  • Be part of a growing global community 


I joined the Anne Frank Youth Network to learn more about issues close to my heart - Anne Frank, the Holocaust, democracy, and human rights in general. Since the beginning of November, the whole project has brought me a lot of great experiences and learning - whether it's connecting with young people all over Europe, communicating in English or preparing and leading workshops for primary school.  

Antonie, Nymburk  


How can I get involved?  

If you are interested in becoming part of the Anne Frank Youth Network in the Czech Republic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an email to the coordinator - Thomas Elmecker - or post on our social media - Instagram and Facebook.  

We can provide you with further information, connect you with other interested young people from the Czech Republic and participants from previous years.  

You can also find more information on the official website of the Anne Frank Youth Network and on their social media.  


What's next?  

After completing your first activity in your own country you will then get the opportunity to participate in a two day national training. You will learn to teach about the importance of the stories of WWII and the Holocaust. Together we explore why these stories are still relevant today, by discussing identity, prejudice, discrimination and democracy. Together with other peer educators you will get to organise your very own project.

AFYN means new opportunities for me and my future. Thanks to AFYN, I am overcoming my fear of speaking in front of many people and I even enjoy it. I really hope that I will be able to do even more in the future.

Kája, Nymburk


Want to do even more?  

Once you have completed the two day course and your own project you will stay involved with the Anne Frank Youth Network. You will get the opportunity to mentor new members and independently organise more educational projects. Furthermore you will get access to further experiential and learning opportunities, such as internships at the Anne Frank House and partner organisations.   


We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.




12. 4. 2024

It includes an invitation to Yom HaShoah in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic, an article on the 30th anniversary of ITI and information about our many activities:

  1. Commemoration at Auschwitz-Birkenau

  2. The MemoMap exhibition: History of the Holocaust in Prague

  3. International cooperation
  1. Anne Frank Youth Network
  2. MemoGIS Workshop
  3. Austrian Traces in Terezín
9. 4. 2024

This year's 19th annual public reading of the names of Holocaust victims, "Yom HaShoah", will take place on 6 May 2024. The names of victims of Nazi persecution will be read in 31 cities across the Czech Republic, commemorating the fate of those who were murdered during the Second World War.

22. 3. 2024

About a month ago, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Terezín Initiative Institute at the invitation of Austrian Ambassador Bettina Kirnbauer. Till Janzer from Radio Prague International also reported on the event. You can read or listen to the article under the following link (only in German).

21. 3. 2024

We would like to invite you to an educational workshop called "Art Against Death", which we are organizing. This workshop will take place on April 13, 2024 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm in Prague.

15. 3. 2024

The latest Anne Frank Youth Network action project is complete!

9. 3. 2024
On Friday, 8 March, we held a commemorative act in the BIIb section of the former concentration and extermination camp at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, where the so-called Terezín Family Camp was located, to honor the memory of the people who were murdered on the night of 8 to 9 March 1944. In addition to the director of the Terezín Initiative Institute, Tomáš Kraus, the event was attended by the director of the Terezín Memorial, Jan Roubínek, the director of Beit Terezín (Israel), Tami Kinberg, the chairwoman of the board of the Terezín Initiative Institute, Michaela Rozov, and on behalf of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Jana Šplíchalová.
We would also like to thank the Auschwitz Memorial for its patronage and, last but not least, all the participants for joining us in honouring their memory.
7. 3. 2024

In September 1943, five thousand Jews from the so-called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia were transported from the Terezín concentration camp to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in two transports for reasons that have not yet been made clear.