EPNA Workshop in Lodz

17. 06. 2024

"If you look away, if you don't help when you can, you become an accomplice" - these words of Mark Edelman resonated during the third EPNA (European Practitioners Network against Antisemitism) workshop, which took place from 10 to 12 June in Lodz, at the Mark Edelman Dialogue Centre.

The first EPNA workshop took place in Berlin in December, the second in Budapest in April, and now we have met in Lodz to focus on two main topics:

1. Manifestations of anti-Semitism not only in Poland.
2. In Budapest we analysed the situation in each country, now we are focusing on the best practices of the members of each working group:
   - Anti-Semitism in schools and universities; anti-Semitism among young people (linked to Holocaust education, combating Holocaust distortion/denial) - Dana Gabalova is a member of this group for the Terezin Initiative Institute.
   - The intersection of anti-Semitism, racism, conspiracy ideology and misogyny.
   - Online anti-Semitism, fake news, online-radicalization.

The program included a tour of Lodz.

On the last day, we met with representatives of Polish NGOs working to fight discrimination, from youth work to lobbying at the EU level.

We took away a lot of inspiring suggestions from the workshop and we are looking forward to working together again!