Workshop UNYP 23.2.2024

26. 02. 2024

On February 23 we had yet another cooperation with students from the University of New York in Prague through Verto Education. We organised a workshop on how Jewish life in Prague was affected by anti-Jewish laws during the Nazi occupation.

We started by exploring the terminology around the Holocaust and talked about it’s different victim groups.

With the “Just an ordinary day” activity, we visualised the extent to which the lives of the Jewish population have changed and been restricted by discriminatory and anti-Semitic laws.

We then introduced the MemoMAP app and made use of it during a tour of Vinohrady. The students used the web application to read about some of the incidents that occurred because of these laws.

We would like to thank the participants, and everyone involved for an interesting workshop.

Workshop was lead by Thomas Elmecker, and our Gedenkdienst volunteer, Lena Lasinger.